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Trout Gallery Personnel

Peter M. Lukehart, Director
Stephanie Keifer, Administrative assistant
Susan Curzi, Secretary
Martha Metz, Senior Outreach Educator
Wendy Pires, Outreach Educator
Dwayne Franklin, Registrar, Preparator, Web Designer
Sherron Biddle, Associate Registrar
Ann Martin, Gallery Attendant

Summary mission statement:  The Trout Gallery is, at once, an educational branch of Dickinson College and a Fine Arts museum for the Carlisle/Greater-Harrisburg area.  Its public lectures, symposia, and community outreach programs are targeted to area school children, senior citizens, and others.  In addition, the Gallery preserves, protects, and expands--through donation and purchase--the artistic legacy of the College.  

"Extract from Official Document"  Dickinson College Catalogue (1999)
          "The Trout Gallery is a bi-level exhibition facility located in the Emil R. Weiss Center for the Arts.  Along with housing the College's permanent collections of art--which range in time from Classical Greece to the 20th century--The Trout Gallery maintains a varied and frequently changing exhibition schedule of historical, contemporary, and multicultural materials.

          Founded in 1983, the Gallery serves the College community as an interdisciplinary resource for studio art, art history, modern languages, international studies, and classical archaeology courses.  For example, an exhibition of Tibetan art was held in conjunction with an all-campus celebration of Tibet, including a folk opera, the construction of a Sand Mandala, an exhibition of Tibetan Tantric art, and a series of lectures by invited guests and faculty.  At the same time, the religion department offered courses on Tibetan religion and culture.  Such events also fulfill the College's mission to provide diversified, multicultural programs.

          Within the Fine Arts Department, the Gallery offers advanced art history majors the yearly opportunity to curate an exhibition of objects from the College's collections.  Furthermore, students in the studio program mount a juried show of their work each spring.  Internships in the Gallery are offered to superior Fine Arts majors during their senior year.  The Gallery thereby offers the unusual opportunity for undergraduates to undertake research on and have direct contact with original works of art.

          The community outreach coordinators, in consultation with the Gallery Director, maintain contact with community constituencies and develop coordinated curricula with area teachers, administrators, and program organizers.  In this way, we seek to build partnerships with local teachers and parents so that the Gallery can be integrated into the learning experience of students in public, private, and home schools.  The Gallery provides similar services to local GED programs, colleges, and community organizations. 

          Finally, the Gallery plays an important role as custodian of the College’s historic collections of art and artifacts.  On one hand, the Gallery oversees the care, conservation, and housing of the objects.  On the other, it advocates the study, display, and interpretation of those objects."



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