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            The web page for Writing on Hands: Memory and Knowledge in Early Modern Europe was designed for The Trout Gallery by  We are grateful to Jason Say and Mike Fiorill for their help in creating the complex interactives and the “look” of the page.  At the same time, we thank the lenders to the exhibition who have granted us permission to reproduce images from their collections: The Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, D.C.,  Library of Congress, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, National Library of Medicine, and The Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore, MD.  Each work on this site is labeled with the name of the lending institution (and it is they who maintain control of copyrights of images).   We thank the departments of rights and reproductions at the respective institutions, and, in particular, Richard Kuhta, Librarian at The Folger Shakespeare Library. 

          The scholarly content depends on the research and interpretations of the authors of the accompanying catalogue (to order, please click the button at top right on your screen), Writing on Hands: Memory and Knowledge in Early Modern Europe (Carlisle, PA: The Trout Gallery, 2000):

Claire Richter Sherman, curator and principal author, Brian Copenhaver, Martin Kemp, Sachiko Kusukawa, and Susan Forscher Weiss.   

         We are most grateful to Susan Forscher Weiss and the Peabody Conservatory of Music (The Johns Hopkins University) Renaissance Ensemble for demonstrating the notes of the hexachord on the Guidonian Hand.

         The staff of The Trout Gallery provided the content and suggested the interactive components of the web page.  Thus, we recognize the valuable contributions of Carrie Bergman, Dwayne Franklin, Stephanie Keifer, Peter Lukehart, Martha Metz, and Wendy Pires.  We were very ably assisted by Gallery interns Sara Adams, Carrie Berger, and Matthew Coleman.  Special thanks go to our Dickinson colleagues Christopher Francese, Robert Leyon, and Blake Wilson, as well as to education consultant Michael S. Delluva, for subject expertise.  Finally, we appreciate the research support provided by the staff of the Waidner-Spahr Library at Dickinson College. 



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