John Ward, Richard Unger, and Frank Wilson conducted two 20-hour, three-day workshops in October, 2001 and April, 2002 at the Graham School at the University of Chicago. These seminars were based on a progression of experiences using both manufactured and created objects, and were supported by individual and group hand readings and printings done by Mr. Unger. For more information about these techniques, see the websites of Mr. Ward and Mr. Unger (links below.) The second seminar was conducted in the form of a strategic planning session for the entire team of one of the administrative divisions of the University of Chicago, and focused on academic offerings related to community development. Extensive documentation of these programs is available and The Handjinis are occasionally available to organize similar experiences.

 John Ward 
 Richard Unger

"Hidden in the Hand," a video about the Handjini workshops at the U. of Chicago.
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